Introduction of Thanh Tam Bonsai ® - Vocational Training Center

 Thanh Tâm Bonsai  ®
Vocational traning center

(in short Thanh Tam Bonsai school)


Thanh Tam Bonsai Art Vocational training center (in short, Thanh Tam Bonsai school) specializes in horticulture courses, training how to grow/ raise ornamental creatures, such as Bonsai, Orchid, Apricot, landscape design and so on.

The school has been founded since 1998, and we have aimed to spread the love of Bonsai art to everybody in Vietnam.

In 1998, it was the time that training and enjoying Bonsai was an unfamiliar conception in Vietnam, many people did not know what Bonsai was. We were the pioneer in opening a Bonsai school with class rooms, Bonsai nurseries, and Bonsai and gardening tool store in district 12, Ho Chi Minh city. Training Bonsai/ Apricot/ orchid courses have been opened frequently for everybody who loves Bonsai and ornamental creatures. Our students have been at different ages, come from many places around the country, and even outside of Vietnam. 

We have been step by step fulfilled our initial purpose. The amount of students has been increased, and the Bonsai art have been becoming popular in Vietnam. Since the establishment, more than 20.000 people registered and learned Bonsai and horticulture courses at our school. Our students cover a wide range, young and old, Vietnamese and Foreigners. The school opens to bonsai enthusiasts of all levels, from beginner to highly experienced. Especially, we are able to organize short courses/ seminars (with English interpreter) for foreigners.

- Our teaching staff are famous artists/ lecturers/ experts/ professors... in training Bonsai and horticulture.

- The Bonsai and gardening tools store which is inside the school has sold all kinds of equipment for growing/ raising Bonsai and ornamental creatures such as shears, cutters, wires, pots, pest killers, fertilizers, bonsai/ plants/ orchid/ apricot/ landscape design books, and other necessary tools and materials which good quality, different price and branches that suitable for different demands.

- The bonsai nurseries of the school are served for trading, visiting, and providing bonsai for exhibitions.

- Provide landscape design and gardening service.

- We are willing to cooperate with domestic and foreign person/ organization to:

+ Trading Bonsai and plants.
+ Launch Bonsai and ornamental creatures courses, seminars.
+ Organize Bonsai events (exhibition, speech, demonstration).
+ Organize tours for Bonsai/ plants research, enjoying exhibitions inside and outside of Vietnam.


Address: No. 2889 (old No. 8/2), Highway 1A, Tan Thoi Nhat ward, District 12 HCM city, Vietnam

Phone: +84.28.3704.0016 and +

(Please kindly check the map for direction as below)

Instruction for going to
Thanh Tam Bonsai Art Vocational Training center

Graduation picture
Taken in front of Thanh Tam Bonsai School

Bonsai nursery at Thanh Tam Bonsai school

 Bonsai practicing lesson at Thanh Tam Bonsai school

Small bonsai exhibition at Thanh Tam Bonsai school

Bonsai class at Thanh Tam Bonsai school

Visit other provinces to research about Bonsai
Trip organized by Thanh Tam Bonsai school

Teacher explained about Bonsai in the trip

Teacher explained about Apricot in the trip

Students visited an orchid garden
Trip organized by Thanh Tam Bonsai school

Apricot class at Thanh Tam Bonsai school

Landscape design practicing lesson at
Thanh Tam Bonsai school

Bonsai classes for foreigners

Bonsai class for children

Bonsai class for elder people

Bonsai Class for students of
Agricultural and Technical College

Chinese Penjing Artists visited and perform
Penjing Demonstration at Thanh Tam Bonsai school

Bonsai demonstration in annual Spring fair
- at Tao Dan park

Thanh Tam Bonsai school organized trip to Japan
to enjoy Bonsai exhibition and learn more about Bonsai

Bonsai and gardening tools store
at Thanh Tam Bonsai school

Horticulture products at Thanh Tam Bonsai school

Bonsai pots sold at Thanh Tam Bonsai school