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ABFF 2015 Bonsai show - Thanh Tam Bonsai contribution

The 5th Asia Pacific Bonsai Friendship Federation convention and exhibition - ABFF 2015 in Vietnam

Thanh Tam Bonsai ® - International Relation Representative of the show


The 5th Convention and Exhibition of Asia Pacific Bonsai Friendship Federation (ABFF) in 2015, taken place from 5th to 8th of June, 2015 was the first and biggest international Bonsai event in Vietnam.

This was the chance that Vietnam - a member of ABFF to introduce to other countries belonging to ABFF as well as international Bonsai enthusiasts about our fantastic Bonsai trees. More than 500 Bonsai specimens which were diverse and creative in style and species were displayed in ABFF 2015 exhibition and convention.

ABFF 2015 was not only the biggest Bonsai event in Vietnam but also the most prominent activities of Thanh Tam Bonsai  in 2015.

Honored to be the International Relation Representative of the event, Thanh Tam Bonsai School and its president, Ms. Honey – President of ABFF(2013- 2015) successfully invited many international delegates to come and enjoy our show; including many famous Bonsai Masters, such as Mr. Kobayashi of Japan, Pro. Amy Liang of Taiwan, and Mr. Tom Elias - the president of International Bonsai Club (BCI), and several famous Bonsai Masters and Bonsai presidents in different countries.

Contemplating Bonsai beauty and enhancing Bonsai friendship have been the main goal of ABFF. We were honored to welcome more than 150 international delegates and thousands of domestic Bonsai lovers attending the event.

We have been glad that the show was well-organized and everybody enjoyed ABFF 2015 convention and exhibition in Vietnam.

You could review the wonderful moments of this event by these following photos


International delegates coming to Vietnam 
for ABFF 2015

Opening ceremony of ABFF 2015 convention & exhibition
Meeting of ABFF 2015

Appreciation for International Bonsai Master performing demo and Bonsai contest Judging board at ABFF 2015
BCI president - Mr. Tom Elias talked about Suiseki 
at the show

International & domestic Bonsai Masters performed demo in ABFF 2015

Bonsai Master - Thanh Tam 
of Thanh Tam Bonsai school judged Bonsai competition and performed demo in ABFF 2015 

Bonsai presidents from different countries presented appreciation gifts to Ms. Honey of Thanh Tam Bonsai to congratulate the success of ABFF 2015.
Ms. Honey was the president of ABFF 
(period 2013-2015)