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Thanh Tam Bonsai ® school: Abroad trips and International friendships

Thanh Tam Bonsai ® school: 

Abroad trips and International friendships

Travelling to many countries to attend Bonsai events is full of fun. I love to be a travelling Bonsai lover in order to introduce Vietnam Bonsai to international bonsai friends, and contemplate the beauty of Bonsai around the world. As for Bonsai friends, I fell grateful and lucky to know all of these wonderful people who share the same interest with me, Bonsai art.

When I was asked to post about my trips and my experience during years as well as chances to meet so many bonsai enthusiasts everywhere, I had to take a look at photos taken at Bonsai shows to remind me all the places I have been and all the activities I have done.

I still remember my first abroad trip for Bonsai which was in 1995 to Singapore. Beautiful place and beautiful trees displayed. I was amused and I enlarged my Bonsai knowledge. Since then, I promised myself that I have had to travel more to update my Bonsai vision and bring them back to Vietnam to develop our Bonsai profession.

I also give myself another mission: Surprising interaction Bonsai communities about the Bonsai potential, the outstanding level of material trees and the enthusiasm for this art that Vietnam has had.

Opening the Bonsai school and recruiting experienced-Bonsai lecturers, we have spread the love of Bonsai art throughout Vietnam and contributed to create a firm basement for young Bonsai generation taking chances to improve and make beautiful, professional, and creative bonsai.

Everything has gone in the way that all of us, Vietnamese Bonsai enthusiasts, expect. We are now proud to show the world our Vietnam Bonsai work.

During my Bonsai trips, I feel so happy when introducing about Vietnamese Bonsai and our development to people around the world. I even feel happier when catching their attention and will to visit to our country to see Vietnam Bonsai. Step by step, I can see Vietnam Bonsai going closer to world Bonsai; and people from different countries know about us- Vietnamese Bonsai enthusiasts and Vietnamese Bonsai work. This is such a great achievement.

 Least but not last, besides the knowledge and chances to introduce Vietnam Bonsai, I also gain something extremely precious and treasure for me; that is Bonsai friendship. I have had opportunities to meet amazing Bonsai people/ masters.  I respect them, learn from them, and feel happy to see them in Bonsai events. ABFF 2015, the first international Bonsai event in Vietnam, welcomed more than 150 international delegates. They came for Vietnam Bonsai, and they came to support me. I was touched.

That is Bonsai spirit. World is big but small in the same time. We connect to each other; we share the love of Bonsai; we exchange Bonsai knowledge to develop together; we travel and join Bonsai exhibitions and conventions; they visit Vietnam and I visit their countries for Bonsai collections and happy moments….. Thanks to Bonsai, we become a big family including hundreds of members who have a common hobby – BONSAI.

Photo with international Bonsai friends in China

Photo with international Bonsai friends in Taiwan

Ms. Honey  of Thanh Tam Bonsai School
 joined as honored guest and representative of Vietnam Bonsai in Taiwan Bonsai events opening ceremony

Connect Vietnam Bonsai enthusiasts with Japanese Bonsai members

 Connect Vietnam Bonsai enthusiasts with Taiwan Bonsai society 
Photos in Prof. Amy Liang house - a famous Bonsai Master in Taiwan and in the world

 Ms. Honey has represented Vietnam Bonsai to join International Bonsai events in different countries

Ms. Honey of Thanh Tam Bonsai school joined Malaysia Bonsai events as honored guest and Bonsai exhibition judging member

Wonderful friendship with international Bonsai masters in many events in different countries

Photos with international Bonsai friends in Thailand

Photos with international Bonsai friends in many events in different countries