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Thanh Tam Bonsai ® School (Thanh Tam Bonsai Art Vocational Training Center)

Thanh Tam Bonsai School ®

(Thanh Tam Bonsai Art Vocational Training Center)

Thanh Tam Bonsai school (official name is Thanh Tam Bonsai Art Vocational Training Center) is located in district 12 of Ho Chi Minh City and near many Bonsai nurseries in Hoc Mon and Cu Chi area. As the location of the school is on Highway 1A, it is convenient for people of nearby provinces to come and join our classes.

Address: No. 8/2 (New No. 2889), Highway 1A, Tan Thoi Nhat ward, District 12 HCM city, Vietnam
Phone: +84.28.3704.0016 and +

Thanh Tam Bonsai school is a special and unique combination of a Bonsai nursery, a horticulture training center, and a Bonsai tools shop. It is run by Mr. Thanh Tam and Mrs. Honey, a couple who have a great passion in this wonderful art of Bonsai.

The school was founded in 1998, and we have been proud to declare ourselves as one of the first official educational organizations in Vietnam providing Bonsai training programs. Certificates granted by the Labor Department will be awarded for students upon to their successful completion of courses at our Bonsai school.

With ventilated and well-facilitated classrooms, nice lounge space and wonderful Bonsai nursery, our students will enjoy a beautiful and comfortable learning environment.

Our spacious classrooms are filled with firm furniture which is appropriate for Bonsai skill practicing purposes. Blackboards and projectors are some of the features in the rooms.

We have also organized other horticulture courses including growing and taking care of orchid/ apricot/ flowers/ home organic vegetable, landscape design, gardening, creating Penjing, etc.

Since the establishment, the school has trained over 20.000 students that cover a wide range, young and old, Vietnamese and Foreigners (English assistance is available). The school provides a full range of courses for all levels of Bonsai enthusiasts, from beginner to highly experienced. Since 1998, there have been more than 60 training courses and graduations.

Our Bonsai school is an excellent place to learn more about Bonsai and to share with others the joys and experiences which come with the practice of this ancient and exciting art form.

The school is founded on the belief that the health of our Bonsai is always the number one priority. Our goal is to give students a foundation for understanding, growing, training and maintaining Bonsai trees.

Our program focuses on intensive Bonsai study and practice. All facets of Bonsai horticulture and artistic creation are explored. 

Bonsai masters of our school will lead intensive classes in the art of Bonsai including the history of this ancient art form, basic tree botany, design concepts, horticultural techniques (like correct wiring and pruning techniques), training methods (growing, proper re-potting, etc), and display. The class will deliver specific tasks or concepts which are essential to creating beautiful and healthy Bonsai.

Every weekend, you are able to learn Bonsai and horticulture courses under the guidance of our professional teaching staff.

Thanh Tam Bonsai school teaching staff has gained a reputation as professional teachers in the South of Vietnam running lessons and training programs. They are well-known Bonsai masters/artists who have experience in the art of Bonsai for a long time, won several honored prices, and own spectacular Bonsai collections. Moreover, our other horticulture courses' teachers (such as orchid, apricot, landscape design, etc.)  have acquired certificates/diplomas from recognized domestic and foreign universities.

We also bring to you the new vision by inviting Bonsai artists from around the world to the class for discussions, lectures and demonstrations.

Thanh Tam Bonsai School offers affordable courses in Bonsai. From beginner to expert level, you can expect careful and thorough training, and the very best practices in Bonsai.

During practice lessons, supplies and equipment (such as tools, soil, wire, ect.) will be provided, along with handouts and examples/sources of tools and other necessary items. Each student will be given a basic course outline, assignments and supervision. Students also have chances to registered for Bonsai/horticulture tours (led by Thanh Tam Bonsai school) inside and outside Vietnam in order to enjoy Bonsai nurseries/exhibitions, interact with Bonsai specimens and artists/enthusiasts from everywhere, and enhance their Bonsai/horticulture understanding.

We take enrollments anytime in the year; classes are held over 3 terms, of about 12 weeks each, per year.

Each class is 3 hours long, comprising of theory and plenty of practice with demonstrations and workshops.

Let's register today!!!

Working hour: 08 AM to 04:30 PM everyday, including weekends and holidays (except: Chinese new year holidays - Tet's holidays)

Address: No. 2889 (old No. 8/2), Highway 1A, Tan Thoi Nhat ward, District 12 HCM city, Vietnam 

Phone: +84.28.3704.0016 and +

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Instruction for going to
Thanh Tam Bonsai Art Vocational Training center

 Classrooms at Thanh Tam Bonsai school

Lounge area at Thanh Tam Bonsai school

Bonsai classes - Theory lessons

Bonsai classes - Practicing lessons

Advanced Bonsai class - Practicing lessons

Advanced Bonsai class - Practicing lessons (Jin/ Shari)

Show the real bonsai examples in nurseries of
Thanh Tam Bonsai school

Learn more about our nurseries here http://www.thanhtambonsai.com/en/about.php?id=17

Penjing classes

Apricot classes at Thanh Tam Bonsai school

Landscape design practicing lessons at
Thanh Tam Bonsai school

Some photos of Graduation at Thanh Tam Bonsai school

Bonsai classes for foreigners

Bonsai classes for children

Bonsai classes for elder people

Visit other provinces to research about Bonsai
Trip organized by Thanh Tam Bonsai school

Teacher explained about Bonsai in the trip

Teacher explained about Apricot in the trip

Students visited an orchid garden
Trip organized by Thanh Tam Bonsai school

Thanh Tam Bonsai school organized trip to Japan
to enjoy Bonsai exhibition and learn more about Bonsai