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Thanh Tam Bonsai ® - Bonsai nurseries

Nurseries of Thanh Tam Bonsai ® 

Owned and operated by Mr. Thanh Tam and Ms. Honey, Thanh Tam Bonsai nursery and Bonsai school, located in District 12 – Ho Chi Minh city, has been a destination for bonsai enthusiasts for more than 20 years.

 Thanh Tam Bonsai nursery is named after its owner’s: Thanh Tam (myself), which means the green heart. As the meaning of my name, I love to experience the serenity of nature, enjoy the beauty of plants, and learn the spirit of Bonsai.

 Bonsai captured my spirit when I was a young man. I have been growing, creating and caring for Bonsai for over 35 years, and decided to launch my nursery in 1997; after that, I opened my Bonsai school in 1998 to share my Bonsai knowledge, and spread the love for Bonsai to Vietnamese people.

(Please visit http://www.thanhtambonsai.com/en/about/About_us.html for more information about us).

 I have been so lucky to have my wife’s support my passion. Together with my wife, Ms. Honey, we have worked to contribute to the growth of Vietnam bonsai community.

(Learn more about our activities at http://www.thanhtambonsai.com/en/about.php?id=10 )

 Spending our whole time for this wonderful living art- Bonsai, we have non-stop developed their nursery over the past 02 decades to become a well-known and trustworthy brand not only inside but also outside of Vietnam.

(Please

http://www.thanhtambonsai.com/en/about.php?id=12 to learn how we connect Vietnam Bonsai to the world Bonsai community)

 As I worked to establish my own garden, I imaged how my dream Bonsai garden would be. Each stone in the walls that border the garden, each stand for the Bonsai, each displayed plants are strictly chosen. I try to create a garden that can inspire everybody and trigger their love for Bonsai and nature.

  We carry a wide variety of Bonsai, including different species in different styles and processes.

 Our Bonsai garden is an exquisite collection of more than 300 carefully shaped and miniaturized trees. The trees have been aesthetically displayed at the nursery in district 12 which is about 600-meter square land space devoted to Bonsai.

 Besides, we also train our trees in the nursery in Hoc Mon district (which is far from the former one about 6 kms). In here, you can find carefully-pruned & ready- for- pot Bonsai, in- training- process bonsai, and Bonsai material plants.

 Our Bonsai are suitable for many purposes from professional collection to excellent starter plants or gift items.

 Ours is a full service Bonsai nursery with reasonable prices and excellent quality for the masters and enthusiasts.

 Come and visit us, and view over 300 Specimen Bonsai Trees on display. We welcome visitors daily from 8am to 5pm, 7 days a week (including holidays but Tet’s holidays)

Address: No. 2889 (old No. 8/2), Highway 1A, Tan Thoi Nhat ward, District 12 HCM city, Vietnam

Phone: +84.28.3704.0016 and +

(Please kindly find the map/ direction instruction at the end of the article)

 If you are interested in horticulture, we also offer classes quarterly for all skill levels.

 (Want to join Bonsai and horticulture classes, please find the information here http://www.thanhtambonsai.com/en/about.php?id=6 )


Mr. Thanh Tam (myself) , standing in my nursery in district 12 (HCM city), Thanh Tam Bonsai school

Ms. Honey (my wife) , standing in my nursery in district 12 (HCM city), Thanh Tam Bonsai school

Bonsai nursery in district 12, Thanh Tam Bonsai school

Bonsai exhibition room at Thanh Tam Bonsai school

In-training-process and Bonsai material nursery in Hoc Mon district

Bonsai garden at the terrace of my house, where I relax myself after hard-working but enjoyable days

Address: No. 8/2 (New No. 2889), Highway 1A, Tan Thoi Nhat ward, District 12 HCM city, Vietnam

Phone: +84 3 704 0016 and +84 93 206 77 11

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