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Graduation day in August 2014

17/09/2014, 03:04 pm

Bonsai Thanh Tam Art Vocational Training center specilized at offering training course on Bonsai, Orchid, Apricot.... and all ornamental creatures for people loving art involving in nature. On 24/08/2014, Bonsai Thanh Tam Art Vocational Training center organized the Graduation ceremony for students of course 58- 59- 60. Another course is finished by a joyful and warm graduation ceremony.


May all students succeed in Bonsai and Ornamental creatures (Landscape, orchid. apricot...).


The happiness of Bonsai trainers is seeing the satisfied smiles, and the improvement in Bonsai and Ornamental creatures skill and knowledge.


A course graduation means the increase of people entering Bonsai and Ornamental creature field. I feel happy because I myself are able to contribute (even not really much) for spreading the love of Bonsai and Ornamental creatures.



Everything is ready!!!


Master Nguyen Thanh Tam, Bonsai and Apricot teacher.



Master Le Cong Binh, Orchd teacher.



Master Thai Van Thien, Bonsai and Apricot teacher.



Happy faces of students of this course.



Welcome speech of President of Thanh Tam Bonsai Training center, Ms. Honey.



Represent of the students of this course shared his feeling after the course.



Master Nguyen Thanh Tam, Bonsai teacher, gave the certification for Bonsai student.





Bonsai students receive certification. (First group).



Special student of the course, a monk.



Master Phong, Landscape teacher, gave the certification for Landscape student. Don't underestimate her; she is female but she is great at Ornamental creatures.



Nice students of Landscape class are happy when they receive the certification.


Master Binh, orchid teacher, gave the certificate for Orchid students. She is as beautiful as flowers.



Another beauty in the orchid class receive the certification.



Orchid class in graduation.



Another special student of Bonsai class received the certification from Mr. Thien, Bonsai teacher.



Bonsai students in graduation. (Second group).


Mr. Tam, Apricot and Bonsai teacher, gave the certification for Apricot student.



Apricot class in the graduation with Mr. Tam and Ms. Honey.



Next group of Apricot class in Graduation. Picture with Ms. Honey and Mr. Thien. 



Students of the course take picture together in graduation.


So happy because of finishing the course.




Ms. Hoang Ny, the president of the training center, feels happy because of succesful training another amount of Bonsai and Ornamental creatures lovers. 



Students are happy too. Wish you all the best in Bonsai and Ornamental creatures work.



(Appendix) (Phần phụ kèm theo)


A warm party as a congratulation for their graduation. 


A student sings a song to make everybody happy.



Teacher, I want to sing with you!!!


Thanh Tam Bonsai Vocational Training Center